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Exclusive Product Design
African Elephant

African Elephant

Product Information

  • MSRP: $ 17,99
  • Item number: 381005
  • UPC: 5031923810051
  • Dimensions: Approx. 6,9 x 2,4 x 5,2 inches
  • Age recommendation: 3+
  • 381005
*ADDITIONAL FEATURES: Made for kids and easy to use, focus and adjust. Comes with Three prepared...more
*ADDITIONAL FEATURES: Made for kids and easy to use, focus and adjust. Comes with Three prepared slides, each with three specimens, and including algae, plastic and synthetic fibers. *ADDITIONAL FEATURES: Also includes blank slides, magnifier, petri dish and more... * Dimensions: 6.7" L x 5.9" W x 11.0" H *Designed and suitable for ages 6+ years.
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