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Exclusive Product Design

Colorful Magnetic Letters

Product Information

  • MSRP: $ 19,99
  • Item number: 10732
  • UPC: 4020972107329
  • Dimensions: Approx. 6.7 x 5.7 x 2 inches
  • Age recommendation: 3+
  • 10732
Come on, we're going to learn our ABCs! The set consists of 37 letters made of coloured,...more
Come on, we're going to learn our ABCs! The set consists of 37 letters made of coloured, magnetically coated wood. Each letter shows motifs with the related and matching initial letter. The letters can be attached to any magnetic surface, making the refrigerator or the whiteboard the perfect place to discover the world of letters. The practical wooden box is the ideal storage space for the 37 pieces in this set. "Grammy", "Hello", or "Car" - clever kids will untertake their first trips through the alphabet with these magnetic letters!
Giraffe Male MOJO Giraffe Male
Item number 381008
Komodo Dragon MOJO Komodo Dragon
Item number 381011
Triceratops MOJO Triceratops
Item number 381017
Squirrel running MOJO Squirrel running
Item number 387032
Stegosaurus MOJO Stegosaurus
Item number 387043
Tylosaurus MOJO Tylosaurus
Item number 387046
Piglet Feeding MOJO Piglet Feeding
Item number 387056
Arabian Camel MOJO Arabian Camel
Item number 387113
Orca Male MOJO Orca Male
Item number 387114
Common Otter MOJO Common Otter
Item number 387128
Chameleon MOJO Chameleon
Item number 387129
Fire Dragon Baby MOJO Fire Dragon Baby
Item number 387130
Emperor Scorpion MOJO Emperor Scorpion
Item number 387133
Shiba Inu MOJO Shiba Inu
Item number 387140
Rabbit Sitting MOJO Rabbit Sitting
Item number 387141
Rabbit Lying MOJO Rabbit Lying
Item number 387142
Badger MOJO Badger
Item number 387033
Hedgehog MOJO Hedgehog
Item number 387035
Lamb Standing MOJO Lamb Standing
Item number 387098
Rabbit Lying MOJO Rabbit Lying
Item number 387142
Emu MOJO Emu
Item number 387163
Unicorn Baby MOJO Unicorn Baby
Item number 387288
Unicorn Rainbow MOJO Unicorn Rainbow
Item number 387296
Unicorn Pink MOJO Unicorn Pink
Item number 387297
Llama MOJO Llama
Item number 387391
Llama Baby MOJO Llama Baby
Item number 387392