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Produits de small foot

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Training Bike/Trike 2 in 1 Max Blue small foot Training Bike/Trike 2 in 1 Max Blue
Cool and safe! This light wooden training trike grows with the kids and is adjustable to their height with the three-level height-adjustable seat and the adjustable three-level seat spacing! The safe, three-wheeled variation with two...
Réf. d'article : 11609
Training Bike/Trike 2 in 1 Pink small foot Training Bike/Trike 2 in 1 Pink
A must for mini-bikers! This compact version of the Training Trike impresses customers with numerous highlights and a cool look. Riding beginners can start with the safe, three-wheeled version. The three-level height-adjustable seat and...
Réf. d'article : 11612
Gardening Tool Playset small foot Gardening Tool Playset
We're off to the flowerbed! With this practical garden aid set comprised of an apron for children with chest pockets, gardening gloves, four small gardening tools (spade, rake, shovel, and pitchfork), children will always have the right...
Réf. d'article : 11881
Gardening Toolbelt small foot Gardening Toolbelt
For the mobile gardener! With this robust gardening tools belt, young, aspiring gardeners can really help out with the gardening while keeping their hands free. Simply put on the easy-to-adjust belt with the click buckle, and the...
Réf. d'article : 11882
Hobby Horse "Rocky" small foot Hobby Horse "Rocky"
This cute horse with its trendy neck scarf takes the rider over hill and dale. Having a soft textile head and a stable stick. The noble steed neighs and gallops when you press the button in the ear! Batteries included.
Réf. d'article : 4151
Ice Cream Playset small foot Ice Cream Playset
Let's go to the ice cream shop! This three-story stand made of solid and laminated wood is really something special! Whether ice cream on a stick or in a cone - this ice cream stand offers a total of 15 different colorfully decorated...
Réf. d'article : 5261
Baby Doll Pram Vintage Beige small foot Baby Doll Pram Vintage Beige
Perfectly suited for dolls and teddy bears, this nostalgic doll's pram in a cream-coloured look offers the best conditions for a cozy stroll. With its robust manufacturing from wicker and its rubber-finished wheels, this pram also rolls...
Réf. d'article : 8750
Baby Doll Pram Vintage Grey small foot Baby Doll Pram Vintage Grey
This wonderful vintage style pram in steel-grey can be used as a toy or as a beautiful decoration item! With a stable metal frame and rubber-covered wheels for quiet rolling.
Réf. d'article : 8771
Cupcakes And Cakes Cutting Set small foot Cupcakes And Cakes Cutting Set
Delicious-looking cakes and cupcakes made of wood are waiting to be cut. They are held together by a Velco-type fastener. A great article for extending the range of goods at the playroom shop.
Réf. d'article : 10149
Hobby Horse "Purple Unicorn" small foot Hobby Horse "Purple Unicorn"
This purple unicorn promises a wild ride. The stick is covered with soft fabric and colourful ribbons flutter in the mane. When its right ear is pressed, it neighs three times. And the trip can begin! Batteries included.
Réf. d'article : 10278
Waffle Iron For Play Kitchens small foot Waffle Iron For Play Kitchens
It's waffle time! All foodies will get their breakfast with this wooden waffle iron. This easy-to-use kitchen appliance in a modern design belongs in every play kitchen! The practice waffle iron comes with four waffle slices and a plate...
Réf. d'article : 10592
Breakfast Set For Play Kitchen small foot Breakfast Set For Play Kitchen
Breakfast is ready! This compact wooden toaster makes breakfast twice as fun. The toast slices are toasted until they are popped out with the movable grip, after which they're ready to land on a plate with a slice of cheese! This compact...
Réf. d'article : 10594
Blender For Play Kitchens small foot Blender For Play Kitchens
Mix it up! How about a tasty smoothie? This stable blender offers space for three different fruits. The removable lid makes it easy to fill up. The robust mixing pitcher with the removable lid can be securely fastened to the pedastal...
Réf. d'article : 10596
Childrens Workbench with Accessories small foot Childrens Workbench with Accessories
Handymen and artists will have all they need here! Whether as a functional workbench with practical tools or as a space-saving painting table - both variations are available for creative minds. Here, children can hammer, screw, saw - and...
Réf. d'article : 10603
Cupcake Playset small foot Cupcake Playset
Attention all confectioners! These cupcakes made of solid wood can be combined in many different ways with the included Velcro fasteners. This product is made of wood. They're real eye-catchers on the sales counter! With the removable...
Réf. d'article : 10884
Cuttable Pizza Playset small foot Cuttable Pizza Playset
It´s pizza time! This pizza can be creatively assembled with velcro toppings and can fulfill any pizza fan´s wishes. The pizza slices are connected with Velcro pieces and can be separated with the included pizza slicer so that everyone...
Réf. d'article : 11063
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